Lots of Improvements

We just updated to version 0.2.15! This is the version we demoed at Boston FIG.

There are lots of nice improvements such as:

  • Victory animations.
  • We redid how controllers work so that they can plugged in and unplugged freely.
  • The ghost has a hat now!
  • There are now Tonics that automatically revive players in matches with 1 or 2 investigators.
  • Lots of visual improvements including blunderbuss effects and chandelier slime.
  • The ghost laughs at players when they are taken down.
  • Players can smash furniture if the ghost is in it and see the ghost for a moment.

The game should be a lot easier to get into now. It's more balanced  and feels better to play.

We've still got a lot of improvements planned for the future.

Happy Haunting!


Beware The Ghost-Beta0.2.15.zip 138 MB
Sep 21, 2019
Beware The Ghost DEMO-Beta0.2.15.zip 138 MB
Sep 21, 2019

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