Halloween Difficulty Settings Update

Happy Halloween!

New Ghost Camera

The biggest change is that we changed the ghost's point of view. Now it's a semi-top down angle that lets you strategically move around the map. We found the camera looking through the walls could get kind of annoying and made everything look busy and confusing for the ghost. Now it looks more like top-down strategy game. But if you don't like the new angle or just ant a closeup of the ghost you can stil switch back to the old perspective.


We've added different difficulties to the game that let you balance a match in the investigator's favor or the ghost's favor. There are 4 difficulties: Cautious, Normal, Scary and Nightmare.


Also, now there are little award badges to earn! Whenever the investigators win they get get an award and whenever the ghost wins they get a different award. Awards are different depending on difficulty, haunted house and number of players so there's lots of them to get.

Other stuff

There's also a year's worth of bug fixes and polish here. You no longer need to set up a second monitor to play so you can more easily enjoy Pumpkin Haunt mode. Levels are a little prettier and everything should work a little better.


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Nov 01, 2022

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