Mine, Tutorial, Fortunes and Customization

Happy Halloween!

We've added a whole bunch of things this year.


There is now a tutorial that teaches new players how to play the game. We made it to be hands-on and give you a place to figure things out at whatever pace you like.


At the end of each match the players are all awarded cool titles based on what they did during the match.

Abandoned Arsenic Mine

This is the seventh haunted location we've added. Climb down into its creepy underground tunnels and search its craggy corners. The mine has an underground lake, crystal caves, new doors, mine carts and rope bridges. It's also the only level that is explored at twilight.

Custom Scenarios

This is a huge new feature that allows you to fine tune the game to your liking. If you want something different from the normal difficulties or just wish matches were shorter you can rewrite the rules and play however you want. You can save up to 6 scenarios.

Other Stuff

There's also another year's worth of tweaks and improvements. For example there are now brightness settings, keys are easier to pick up, the game is better balanced and the ghost has an attack meter that let's you know how long to charge their attack.


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Nov 01, 2023

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