Paintings and X-Rays

Here's a quick rundown on what's new in the latest version of Beware The Ghost (0.2.17).

  • PAINTINGS! - We added paintings to the mansion! These should give the investigators some landmarks to help make it a little easier to find their way around. It also shows off the ghost's unique interior decorating style.
  • SEE-THROUGH WALLS - The ghost camera is now more consistent in its positioning and can see through the walls with an "x-ray" effect. This will hopefully make it easier for the ghost to remain aware of their surroundings keep from getting disoriented.
  • FINE DINING - There's a new dining room table, which besides looking cool should also make it clearer that its too big to be possessed.
  • IMPROVED FURNITURE JUMPING - Furniture doesn't get stuck on things it's jumping over anymore. As a bonus, when you jump over something long (like that new dining room table) you can do a cool slide!
  • INSUBSTANTIALITY The ghost now passes though pretty much all obstacles such as tables and grimoires. The only things that stops the ghost now is walls because they can't have it too easy.
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes!

Happy Haunting!


Beware The Ghost 143 MB
Nov 12, 2019
Beware The 143 MB
Nov 12, 2019

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